Decolonizing the U.S. Virgin Islands is a forum for unpacking 98 years of American occupation in an unincorporated American territory.

The United States of America purchased the islands that comprise the U.S. Virgin Islands from Denmark for 25 million dollars in March of 1917. With the Centennial on the horizon, we hope to explore the impact of American rule.

America’s ongoing colonization of the U.S. Virgin Islands is a multifaceted endeavor that includes social, political, economic, religious, and creative subjection. America’s marginalization of the U.S.V.I and other dependent territories is often overlooked in the prevailing narrative on American domination– colonialism, imperialism, hegemony, and structural racism. While this blog focuses primarily on the U.S. Virgin Islands, we stand in solidarity with all of the other remaining dependent territories of the world.

We’d like to hold space for these discussions and many others.


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